Contracting Services

Our professional contracting services come with an impressive number of references and creative ideas. Whether it’s a commercial or residential job, we have the equipment to get the job done right.

  • Hook lift capabilities
  • Bin rentals
  • Wood waste, yard waste, construction waste, concrete waste
  • Excavating and land clearing – we have different size machines for all projects
  • Grading, trenching, site servicing
  • Waterline replacement and repair
  • Sewer hookup and repair
  • Septic decommissioning
  • Perimeter drains
  • Drainage design
  • New design
  • Driveway and patio repair and replacement
  • Breaking and cutting
  • Forming and finishing
  • New design
  • Sheds, arbours, trellis, pergola, bridges, benches, planter boxes, fences and gates, deck, patios, rails
  • Rough cut and milled red and yellow cedar

  • Our Projects

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you clean vinyl siding?

    We clean vinyl siding by hand. A special vinyl cleaner and degreaser solution is applied and rinsed after every square inch is brushed. This process leaves the vinyl sparkling clean and undamaged. It truly makes your house look new again.

    Do you do residential powerwashing?

    Yes we do residential and commercial powerwashing. We can gauge our pressure washers from just a light mist, up to very powerful 4000psi (pounds per square inch). We powerwash building exteriors, utility rooms, garbage bins, galvanized and aluminum roofs, gutter exteriors, concrete and asphalt, stairways, driveways, walks, vinyl and wooden decks, fences, retaining walls, equipment, tools, and more. For extra tough spots we can apply degreasers of varying degrees.

    What should I do with all the junk I’ve accumulated?

    We can take care of it for you. Whether it’s yard waste, household garbage, appliances, old furniture, metal or wood, we’ll come and load it up and take it away to the appropriate recycle and disposal facilities. If you would like to take a bit more time sorting through your things, we can drop off a bin, you can load it, and we’ll come back and take it away. It’s just that easy!