Maintaining your outdoor oasis is a job for VI OUTDOOR's talented crews! We take pride in the work we do and are not satisfied until you are too.

Allow us to enhance your space and keep it looking incredible year round.

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As Nanaimo's Premier Landscaping and Maintenance Company, VI OUTDOOR creates your dream landscape, always working to achieve your wants, needs, and budget.

Unsure about a unique project, give us a call, we love bringing your vision to life!

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Many homeowners dream of transforming their homes and yards into spaces they are truly proud of. Save yourself the worry and call us!

We take the time to fully understand your wants and needs, and deliver our services in a friendly and timely manner. Considering a project, but aren't sure if it's possible, or of the cost, we would be happy to provide a complementary quote.

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  • “VI OUTDOOR transformed my yard from a mess to a masterpiece. I now spend every spare moment enjoying my yard thanks to them!” -C.S. Nanaimo

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  • “Our large landscape project was awarded to VI OUTDOOR for their professional and dedicated approach. Excellent communication during the project by the staff of VI OUTDOOR helped us to achieve the results we were looking for!” - K.W. Nanaimo

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  • “When our perimeter drains failed and our house started flooding, VI OUTDOOR came to the rescue! The new system works great!” - F.C. Nanaimo

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Our VI Outdoor crew is a friendly team of highly skilled professionals.


Our VI Outdoor team tackles projects of all kinds and sizes.


We offer competitive prices while maintaining quality.

Have a unique project for us?

Contact us today to discuss your vision, we love creative projects and would be happy to provide a complimentary quote!

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  • When is the best time to core aerate my lawn?

    Spring and fall are ideal times to core aerate your lawn.  Aerating allows oxygen and nutrients found in water and fertilizer to penetrate the soil, encouraging a healthy lawn.
  • When should fertilizer be applied to my lawn?

    We recommend fertilizing a lawn both spring and fall.  Give your lawn a healthy start to the season by applying fertilizer in early spring.  A fall application restores needed nutrients that may have broken down throughout the season.
  • How often should I water my lawn and when is the best time?

    Natural rainful may be inconsistent over the summer months.  Set your lawn sprinklers to water in the early mornings or in the later evenings.  An efficient irrigation system should water your lawn thoroughly in 10-20 minutes.  Avoid watering in direct sunlight.  Please adhere to watering restriction guidelines.